Flying Raven by The Akankshya's

Think Big - Start Small Since day one we believed in this Formula, But in this crucial time It was very tough for us to take a decision like start something new when the market response is really slow and affected also Now, this time people are bothering about the situation. But Instead of waiting for the right time we choose to make it right and determined to never give up what the situation will be.Even we have very less inventory and variety as for now , But we will update you soon with more product & variety.

Philosophy of Brand

We believe strongly in listening to and learning from other people For us, advice can fall under three different categories: useful, irrelevant or a catalyst for a new way of thinking. People will always offer new ideas and advice,.even more so being business owner , but it’s important to continually stay open to it because whether we want to accept it or not, we don’t know everything. Inspiration can be anything but make sure STORY SHOULD BE UNIQUE


All cottons are not Eco- Friendly Fabric . As we know now a days sustainability is a big topic and we all known about this fact that fashion industry is a most polluted industry. As a new small start up we took a small step towards a sustainable fashion that no inventory , no waste made also we introduce a Eco- friendly fabric (organic cotton) mens kurta as a trial basis to see the response of customer regarding this field.

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Flying Raven